on the issues


Megan’s values have been instilled in her by her close-knit family, and she and her husband are raising their own children to live out the ideals of compassion, empathy, and empowerment. Megan believes in supporting families through protected and expanded healthcare coverage, wages that allow families to better provide for their kids, and programs that help families get ahead. As an advocate for her fellow moms, Megan is committed to expanding creative and affordable childcare solutions, breastfeeding education and support, and common sense gun safety measures for young children, school-aged children, and university students.


Protecting and expanding healthcare coverage

Support for working and struggling families

Creative, affordable childcare solutions

Breastfeeding education and support

Common sense gun safety


for fairness

Megan has always been motivated by equality and inclusiveness. She believes that diversity is an asset that enriches our communities and that diverse voices and experiences should be elevated. Bilingual in English and Spanish, Megan understands the importance of communication with and for Arkansans who speak a language other than English. Motivated by her faith, Megan also supports compassion-driven protections and solutions for immigrants and DACA recipients. Megan is inspired by the work of the Springdale Police Department with community policing and school resource officers and supports their focus on positive and safe experiences with law enforcement officers. Megan wants her daughter, and all girls in Arkansas, to grow up feeling safe, smart, and successful, which is why she supports leadership opportunities for women and girls.


Inclusiveness and equality as core values

Communication with and for bilingual Arkansans

Compassion-driven protections and solutions for immigrants and Dreamers

Relationship-building through community policinG

Opportunities for leadership development for women and girls


for the future

Megan believes that the best way to prepare a safe, supportive, successful Arkansas for our kids is to invest in them now. A career-long public educator, Megan believes wholeheartedly in supporting and strengthening our public schools and expanding pre-K for all Arkansas kids. As a PhD student in ESL curriculum and instruction, Megan knows the research supports bilingual and dual-immersion instructional programs. Beyond education, Megan has her eye toward the future by supporting women-owned small businesses and making investments in an improved quality of life for all Arkansans.


Supporting and strengthening public schools

Bilingual and dual-immersion instructional programs

Expanded pre-K for all Arkansas kids

Promoting women-owned small businesses

Investments in quality of life